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Happy New Year Vetta

Vetta looks really cool skateboarding. She looks like she’s got that laissez-faire, barely trying, Tom Penny thing happening. Kind of steeze you just can’t fake. She’s been on the team since before there was a team, and she’ll be on there forever. Feliz cumpleanos hermana! Video filmed by all the humans and edited by Jefferson…

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Just The Facts: Jeff DeChesare

A beautiful thing about skateboarding is its near infinite varieties. You can just go down a hill if you want. You can skate ledges with increasing complexity. You can link together manuals like you’re going for the high score in THPS. Bowls and handrails, curbs and staircases. Do whatever you want! Most of us pick…

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Just The Facts: Jefferson Elliott

I already told you about Jeff. He’s one of my favorite humans, not to mention my favorite skateboarder. Here’s a Just The Facts from your distinguished elder. Name and location: Jefferson Elliott / Earth planet Years on board: 36 Top 5 Tricks 1.fs 180 kf 2.nose slide 3.shoot the duck 4. nollie 180 5.big spin Top…

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