Washington State Skateboarding

Everett’s Best Skateshop presents a website where you can look at skateboarding stuff.

About Us

Who are you?

Pops is a skateshop in Everett, Washington. We’ve been here since December of 2020. So yeah, we opened a skateshop in the middle of winter, a worldwide pandemic, and a global goods shortage. It worked out great.

What is this?

This is a website. We’re going to use it to post up skateboarding from the Pacific Northwest. We’ll have videos, interviews, articles, coverage of events and contests. Like a magazine, but on the internet. You can also buy some shop gear to help us keep it going. We’re pretty new to this, so it’ll get even sweeter as time goes on.

The best part is you can be a part of it too. If you made a video, took some sweet photos, or have an event coming up, let us know.

Contact Us

Pops Skateshop
2826 Rucker Ave
Suite A
Everett, Washington 98201