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Just The Facts-Vetta Valery

Years on board: 24-31

Top 5 Tricks

1.Frontside flip

2.Backside tailslide

3.Pushing as fast as I possibly can, preferably on bricks, but sidewalk cracks will suffice.

4.Backside 360’s. I can remember the three I’ve ever done.

5.Anything Eddie Dabrowski does.

Top 5 Skaters

1.Bryan Herman

2.Paul Rodriguez

3.Luan Oliver’s needs to learn how to pop his tricks

4.Austyn Gillette

5.Ryan Coverdale

Top 5 Seasonings


2.Garlic Powder



5.More Pepper

Flower Hop-God’s Ditch

Top 5 Art People

1. Hjylimar Hinn- friend of my dad’s who can’t help but inspire creating. No matter any barrier.

2. Julian Hawkins-one of my best friends and the “Eagle Ridah.” Creative and talented was an understatement. He passed away as a direct result of the outrageously and disgustingly high price of insulin. Rest in peace Jules.

3. Graham Callan-GRIZ. Graham is a fucking badass. I have never met anyone as artistically driven and accurate as Graham.

4. Moomoo McBeal-my oldest. Moo doesn’t blink until the art piece is finished. They’re ever expanding repertoire of mixed media arts, music, comedy, performance, speech, dance and non linear thinking is something to behold.

5. Anyone and everyone who tries. Art is art, people don’t have to like it for it to count. 

My current obsession is: It’s a tie between making stickers/buttons/magnets and making art out of mainly popsicle sticks and garbage.

Vetta is the scroll art master.

If I could change one thing about the world it would be: If I could change one thing about the world it would be to obliterate superiority and elitism. If people’s lives aren’t exactly like your own no matter if they’re your kid or some person you see walking down the street, that shouldn’t be a green light for you to act like a piece of shit to them. Help, don’t hurt, and pick up some fucking trash please.

The Andrew Allen-Everett

Choose one: Being able to Fly or Being able to Read Minds: Definitely gonna have to go with flying on this one. Save gas and the environment. Reading minds would feel more like a curse. Could just imagine being in line at the grocery store trying to remember if I got everything and hearing eight other people’s inner dialogues simultaneously. “Can everyone inner-shut the hell up for a sec? Ok, cool, I got the horseradish. Thank you.”

Whoever is reading this should try: Live how you see fit. If it doesn’t affect anyone else directly in a negative way, it’s none of their God damned business who you are. That also includes governing our own decisions and trying to make choices that will ultimately be healthy for us.

For my next trick I will: Hopefully land another back three someday.

Hippie Jump at the shop.

I give my thanks to: thank you to my kids for always inspiring me and keeping me from ever giving up and to their other mothers for doing what they do. Ma and Gram are my biggest cheerleaders and always have been. Jess for always having my back and inspiring me in their crazy genius way. My family, blood and extended. The Tolle, Corey, Uruchurtu, Albanese, Buster, Weitzel, Gonzalez families. My elders. Brian Corey has been there through it all, Udy, Philter, Jefferson Elliott and Adi for all their awesome humanity and dedication, Marysville skateboarders UP THE VILLINS, Lace, Brittch, Bear, Babe and Babe 5000, TanyaLita, Taylor, Nav, Lala La la Laina, Christaport, Lida, The Chism’s and all the lovely Everett folx. Activists, teachers and people in public service. Brandy and fam. Military members past, present and future. Wes and Daniel at Northwest Leaf. Anyone who mentors, donates, takes a sec to listen, gives a shit about anything other than their phone, and people who don’t shut the fuck up no matter who tells em to. Uncle ‘Hadd, Ben, Ross, Garza, Griz and Don Grant for keeping us all skateboarding all these years. 

Check out Vetta’s Welcome to the Team video. The internet won’t let me embed it because of the sweet tunes.

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