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Happy Birthday Jefferson

Jefferson Elliott is a hurricane. This guy makes documentaries and movies through his production company RPS Media which are achieving acclaim on the festival circuit as well as being featured on the tv. He started putting out parts in videos at an age that find most guys just settling into their beer bellies. Here’s just a couple:

Makes for a mean photo too.

Crooked Grind
Switch 360
Ollie into the pit
Jeff’s got it covered on either side of the camera.

I’ve spent more time on the road with Jed than anyone else, usually sleeping in a tent in the bushes next to the road. The time we’ve spent together is just a fraction of the time he’s done. From Mongolia to Greece, Mexico to the Poconos, he’s been everywhere man. A lot of what we do and will do in the future is thanks to el Jefe. Happy goddamn hombre. Go pick up a pair of those Dinosaur Jr. kicks when you get a chance.

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