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(Mostly) Local Links – July 26th

You probably already saw this, but Black Market’s ripper Dane Reising put out a helluva part. Dig that editing style.

This one isn’t local at all, but I mean, it’s Gonz. Read it.

Oregon is cool too. Here’s a couple minutes of Alex Lobaysuk ripping Portland.

Quasi hit a bunch of classic spots in Seattle. That hip under the bridge is right next to a bunch of excellent curbs, but apparently they didn’t see that. Come to Everett next time!

The Dime Glory Challenge is the best thing to happen to skateboarding competitions ever. Next one is coming up soon, they just posted the challenges. If anyone is going, let us know…

Finally, a classic Snohomish County video by Garrett O. Hunt, The Skatey Bunch.

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