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Just The Facts-Austin Fischer

Austin Fischer wants to go skateboarding. Now, preferably. This guy will drive to the moon to make it happen if he has to. Not only does Austin want to go skateboarding but he really wants you to go skateboarding too. He will film you try a trick for 6 hours without uttering even the semblance of complaint, just gotta give him a minute to take a swig from his sugar free Monster every once in a while. In short, Austin is great. You should be like him.

Name and location:  Austin Fischer – Maple Valley, WA

Years on board:  A quarter of a century – 25!

Top 5 Tricks

1.  Noseslide (surprise!)

2.  FS Tailslide to fakie

3.  Fakie kickflip

4.  Blunt to fakie on a tight transition

5.  Slappy blunslide over to switch crooks (that curb trick I do all the time…LOL)


Top 5 Skaters

1. Guy Mariano

2. Daewon Song

3. Rick McCrank

4.  Luke Elliott

5. Tom Karangelov

Top 5 Meals

1.  Smoked Brisket

2.  Crab Pot –  The Westport

3,  Waffles, Bacon, and Eggs

4.  BBQ Chicken and Veggie Kabobs

5.  My wife’s Turkey meat loaf

Frontside Bluntside-Gasworks

Top 5 Books

1.  “Napalm and Silly Putty” 

2.  “Where the Wild Things Are”

3.  “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” 

4.  Thrasher Magazine

5.  I don’t have time to read books, unless they are to my kids. 

My current obsession is:  Skateboarding.  Since 1997.  

If I could change one thing about the world it would be:  World Peace.  

Choose one: Being able to Fly or Being able to Turn Invisible:  Probably turn invisible, because lets be honest, sometimes we just want to hide and be left the hell alone.  Haha.


Whoever is reading this should try:  Finding a passion, and seeing it through.   Skateboarding was my first love, and I wish I could bottle up the feeling it gives me, and give a piece of that happiness, that love, to everyone in the world.    Tell your friends you love them, and let them know that they matter.  Try to do something kind for someone everyday.  Our current state of affairs in this world is so filled with hate, and anger, and self-righteous bullshit.  Just stop the hate.  Choose kindness.  Choose to do good.  Choose love.  Love wins.  

For my next trick I will:  Finally learn how to do a BS Noseblunt slide, since I haven’t figured out how to slow down time…

Noseslide Hat trick-Gasworks

I give my thanks to:  My patient wife, Jessica.  My kids, Addy and August, for keeping me on my toes.  The haters.  My mom and dad for supporting my love of skateboarding.  All my friends and family that have supported me in any way with  my skateboarding, from giving me a couch to sleep on, to buying one of my pro boards, to hiring me to teach their kids to skate, to just liking one of my social media posts of me skateboarding.  I have a lot to be thankful for, and I never take that for granted.  Thanks to Ben and Ross at Pops Skateshop, Anthony at LGSC, Luke at Luke’s Wax, Steve at Haggard Hardware and Wayward Soul Distribution, Josh at Team Sweat Stain and Bored Zine, Jon and Simon at Mongochatter, Lee at Curb Critters, all my previous sponsors, all the homies, the STD crew, the NBC, and last but not least, Jesse Erlenbusch for teaching me how to ollie all those years ago.

Here Are More Videos Of Austin Skateboarding!

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