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Just The Facts: Justin Duong

Justin won a Don Grant Jam a few years back. He came out of nowhere, started hucking huge impossibles, doing all these other tricks that I didn’t know the name of. It was great. Kid is down to talk about life too, he has a perspective worth considering, and I say that as a certifiable grumpy old man. Thanks for making this happen mijo!

Name and location:  Justin Duong. Everett, WA

Years on board: 13 1/2 years

Top 5 Tricks 

1. Ollie impossible

2. Switch Alpha flip (Hospital bigflip)

3. Nollie kickflip

4. Frontside 360

5. 360 kickflip

Frontside 360

Top 5 Skaters

1. Sean Motaghedi 


3. Jimmy Humphryes

4. Gilbert Crockett

5. Braden Hoban

Top 5 Meals

1.  Mamas curry beef vermicelli noodles

2. Sushi/poké

3. Tacos Al Pastor

4. Grammas Flank steak, papaya salad, and sticky rice

5. Korean BBQ

Top 5 Books

1.  No idea what I’m doing but f*ck it 

2. Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

3. Exit Here

4. Thrasher Magazine (Idk if a magazine counts lol)

5. Shonen Jump, it always reminds me of being a kid!

My current obsession is: spending time with my two children! I love making them laugh and smile.  They are my world! 💚💜

If I could change one thing about the world it would be: for everyone to get along, it’s easy bein’ nice!

Choose one: Being able to Fly or Being able to Turn Invisible: definitely turn invisible, I’m scared of heights, hahaha.

Into the void? Impossible.

Whoever is reading this should try: do at least one nice thing for yourself and someone else everyday.

For my next trick I will: try to have more fun and not take it way too seriously.

I give my thanks to: all the people who have supported me in life. ALSO, huge shoutout to the awesome folks at Pops for takin’ a chance on ya boy!

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