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Just The Facts: Zac Garza

The Garzfather. Unknown started out in the Ville, but Zac pulled up stakes and moved it to Bellingham. He’s been running the scene ever since. The dude looks out for everybody without exception. When Pops was getting off the ground he was quick with advice and resources, visibly stoked for us all along the way. Zac is easily one of my favorite skateboarders, ripping up mini ramps with unparalleled ease. I could go on! I’ll just say he’s the fucking best, he even had a part on Thrasher! If you are in Bham you better hit up Unknown for goods and good times. Thanks Zac!

Name and location: Who me?

Years on board: When people ask me what my best trick is I just respond by saying…. The fact that I’m still skating.

Top 5 Tricks

1. 5-0 fakie

2. front 5-0 180 out on transition or anything is fun.

3. Feeble grind to fakie on as big of thing as you can handle.

4. Back 5-0 back or front 180 out.

5. Fakie 5-0 to fakie  

All these tricks in a line and 180 nose grinds reg and switch. Ok fuck that’s 7.

The first minute of this is magic.

Top 5 Skaters

1. Natas of course and Julien to boot.

2. Gonz, Drehobl and any one that got on krooked.

3. Everyone in Bag of Suck! ( the Enjoi video)

4. Everyone in MadCircle Five Flavors, Rob Welsh and Karl Watson

5. This list is not long enough…. I mean come on….  Anti Hero. Real . I still watch Rubbish Heap and Block Head Splended Eye Torture. I could go on and on.

Top 5 Meals

1. Breakfast

2. Thai

3. Indian


5. Burrito truck

Top 5 Books

1. I

2. Fall

3. Right

4. To

5. Sleep. Unless you got real knowledge because I’m not into hairy potter shit.

My current obsession is: Finding time to be in my own head.

If I could change one thing about the world it would be: This list would be so long. So I will just say one thing. Lying!  If everyone had to tell the truth. Like that Jim Carry movie.

Choose one: Being able to Fly or Being able to Turn Invisible: Invisible would just be wrong. So flying will work.

Garza flying around Lummi.

Whoever is reading this should try: Flying…. I’m kidding.

For my next trick I will: Switch krook big spin manny! 

I give my thanks to: My body for putting up with my shit.

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