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Just The Facts: Skoops

You know that dude that always know what’s going on? The guy who always has the inside, ahem, scoop? That’s Skoops all day. Beyond being the guy in the know, he’s also one of my favorite people to skate with and kills it behind the lens as well. You can catch Skoops in the upcoming documentary Our Block, because he also puts in time trying to bring about positive change in the world. What a mensch! Thanks for making the time for this Skoops!

Name and location: Skoops in Seattle

Years on board: 27

Top 5 Tricks

  1. Front nose shuv 
  2. board slide
  3. Back 5-0 180 out
  4. Front crooks
  5. Anything fun

Top 5 Skaters

  1. Tom Penny
  2. Shuriken Shannon
  3. Kerry Getz
  4. Ed Templton
  5. T bone
5050 at UW

Top 5 Meals

  1. California burrito 
  2. Pizza 
  3. Anything my wife makes
  4. Hawaiian burger
  5. Sushi 

Top 5 Books

  1. The Dirt
  2. An American Demon
  3. Rise of the Warrior Cop
  4. NOFX Autobiography 
  5. Eddie Would Go
Frontside Noseslide at the funnest spot in Seattle

My current obsession is: Air conditioning

If I could change one thing about the world it would be: I can’t choose just one 

Choose one: Being able to fly or being able to read minds: Neither. I want Magnito’s power. 

Whoever is reading this should try: to have more fun. Money comes and goes, time is one thing you’ll never get back!

For my next trick I will: Take a nap!

I give my thanks to: Everyone who is trying to change the world for better, dogs, the Love skate crew, smooth concrete, sketchy spots, and pickle juice. 

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  1. Yeah Skoops!

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