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Just The Facts: David Gravette

For a long time, there just wasn’t a lot of people from the Pacific Northwest making it to professional status. We have always had some of the best skateboarders on the planet, they just never seemed to catch that lucky break necessary to get their name on a board. One notable exception was a young kid out of Issaquah named David Gravette.

I remember the first time I saw him in a magazine. He was ollieing off of the big bank at the Arlington park into the transition below. It was unbelievable. Since then he’s gone on to push rail skating to limits that have barely been exceeded to this day, embodied the KOTR mayhem long before it became a television spectacle, brought Sluggo’s backflip back from the brink, with a proper tucknee variation no less, as well as laying down countless classic photos and ridiculous video parts. All while, usually, being grievously injured. The kid has paid his dues and then some.

Presenting our very own local boy done good, David Gravette. Thanks David!

Name and location:  David Gravette Portland, Oregon

Years on board: 25

Top 5 Tricks
1. Roll a nice joint
2. Usually catch a fish
3. Or a snake
4. Can get hurt on just about anything
5. Very deep knowledge on South Park episodes

Still down for the homies! Gravette in Austin Fischer’s 2019 ‘Love’.

Top 5 Skaters
1.  Devin Appelo
2.  Taylor Bingaman
3.  Silent mike
4. Sean Conover
5. Adrian Mallory

Top 5 Meals
1. Bangers and mash
2. Breakfast sandwich
3, Indian food
4. Burritos from so cal or Arizona

Gravette with the team in Lisbon

Top 5 Books
1. The fly fish journal
2. Big bathroom readers
3. Things about fish
4. I should reed more..

Thrasher’s classic “Prevent This Tragedy”

My current obsession is: fly fishing

If I could change one thing about the world it would be: less people..

Choose one: Be able to run 50 mph or jump 10 feet high.  50 mph run would give me a mean throw down!! Also might have to out run a bear or cougar

Whoever is reading this should try: listening to Fred Eaglesmith

For my next trick I will:  catch a steelhead on a dry fly 


I give my thanks to: the long time homie Austin Fischer!! Without him taking a very strange kid under his wing and introducing him to street skating and filming not sure if my life as pro skater would have ever happened?

We gotta thank Austin for setting this up as well! Thank you Austin!

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