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Just The Facts: Jeff DeChesare

A beautiful thing about skateboarding is its near infinite varieties. You can just go down a hill if you want. You can skate ledges with increasing complexity. You can link together manuals like you’re going for the high score in THPS. Bowls and handrails, curbs and staircases. Do whatever you want!

Most of us pick and choose from a few of these arenas. Historically, skateboarding has grown from making connections between the various sects. Lip tricks were taken to curbs, which were taken to ledges, and then handrails. Freestyle tricks popped into and out of newfangled maneuvers like the crooked grind (which, at first, was derided by many as just a poorly done nose grind). As people moved through different styles, inventing new disciplines as they went, skateboarding grew like a subway map.

Jeff DeChesare is on a route almost entirely otherwise unridden. Taking the extremities of flip trickery to gaps and drops of inarguable legitimacy, Jeff has garnered the attention of skateboarders all over the world. What he’s doing is simply beyond the abilities of the vast majority of us mere mortals. Most importantly, it’s fun as hell to watch this guy huck. Thanks for taking the time for this Jeff!

Name and location: Jeff DeChesare. Los Angeles, CA

Years on board: 21 years

Top 5 tricks

1. Kickflip

2. Inward Heel

3. Nollie Flip

4. Nollie Inward Heel

5. Laserflip

Top 5 Skaters 

1. Bryan Herman

2. Heath Kirchart

3. Pat Burke

4. Forrest Edwards

5. Enzo Cautela

Top 5 Meals

1. Chicken Parmesan

2. Lasagna

3. Baked Macaroni and Cheese

4. Buffalo Chicken pizza from M&S 2 in Denville

5. El Pastor tacos from Tacos El Venado in Sherman Oaks

Top 5 Video Parts

1. Geoff Rowley in Sorry

2. Bryan Herman in Baker 3

3. PJ Ladd in Wonderful Horrible Life 

4. Dane Burman in Strange World

5. Auby Taylor in Allergic To Awesome

Top 5 Spots

1. The 3 stair in Parsippany (R.I.P)

2. Downtown LA


4. UCR

5. Bloomington 9 Stair

A trick I’ve thought about, but haven’t yet tried is a nollie 720 laserflip

My current obsession is writing down tricks at  certain spots that I want to get

I am motivated by the desire of being a better person than I was the day before

If I could change one thing about the world it would be to eliminate any type of pre judging 

Whoever is reading this should try skateboarding and if you do that already, try stretching before and after every session

For my next trick I will try not to think about it too much

I give my thanks to my parents, friends, sponsors, anyone who has ever taught me anything, and anyone who supports!

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