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Just the Facts-Me

We fell off. Keeping up with the internet is hard. Here’s a goddamn interview with myself to kick off a new season of productivity. Maybe. Anyway, here.

Name and location: Me-The Shop

Years on board: Just about 28 years

Jefferson-Light Show-Lynnwood

Top 5 Tricks

1. Nose manual

2. Nose manual 360 shuv

3. Nose manual big spin

4. Nose manual front board

5. Nose manual smack a thing with your back truck and then keep going


Top 5 Skaters

1. Eddie Dabrowsky

2. Gonz

3. Tony

4. Udy

5. Those skateboarding dogs

Top 5 Books

1. Italo Calvino-Marcovaldo

2. Calvin and Hobbes-Something Under the Bed is Drooling

3. Farley Mowat-Never Cry Wolf

4. Stephen King-The Dark Tower series

5. Bill Bryson-A Brief History of Almost Everything

Austin-Wallride-Garfield (I took all these pictures. I don’t have any of me. Nose manuals don’t make for good photos.)

Top 5 Meals

1. Eggs and potatoes

2. Salmon red curry

3. I got a weird thing for gas station food

4. Savory pies

5. Peanut butter

Top 5 People Who Should Shut The Fuck Up

1. Me

2. My

3. Self

4. and

5. I

Ross-Plunge-God’s Ditch

Top 5 Albums

1. John Prine-Tree of Forgiveness

2. Blackalicious-Blazing Arrow

3. Miles Davis-Kind of Blue

4. Scrub Life-Erotic Amish Pleasures

5. Crackwhore-Coat Hangers and Coffee Cans

My current obsession is: Finding five minutes to just lie there. 

If I could meet anyone, alive or dead, it would be: Socrates is the funniest person to have existed, I’d like to drink a flagon with the guy. 

Jimmy-Backside 180-Seattle

If I could change one thing about the world it would be: Eliminate all technological advancements since about 379 BCE except concrete and the skateboard.

Whoever is reading this should try: You ever shut the fuck up? Feels great, give it a shot. 

Vetta-Frontside Boardslide-Lynnwood

For my next trick I will: I’ve been thinking about nose manual bigspin flips for about 24 years, I should probably try one at least. I think the loading dock behind Kellogg Marsh would be amenable to such a maneuver, gets you leaning in the right direction. 

I give my thanks to: Atoms and the void. 

Thanks for reading.

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