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Just The Facts: Jason Maki

Jason is a Marysville local who has made a name for himself in fingerboards and fingerboard parks. Don’t get it twisted though, dude is a ripper on the life size action as well. When he isn’t at home applying heat transfers to handmade micro decks or crafting concrete parks and obstacles with his tea spoon trowel, you might find him at The Muk, where he has been rebuilding the skate program over there in recent months. He’s a talented artist, a helluva nice guy, and he’s newly engaged! Give him a mazel tov next time you see him. Thanks for taking the time Jason!

Name and location: Jason Maki, Marysville, WA

Years on board: nearly 20 (spring 03’)

Top 5 Tricks

1. Properly dipped FS Smith

2. 360 flip 

3. Bs crooked grind 

4. Fs slappy, like you’re trying to break it in two

5. Fs slash, lots of heel, not too long not too short

Top 5 Skaters

1. Cory kennedy 

2. Ronnie Sandoval 

3. Ace pelka 

4. Lance mountain 

5. Jesse lindloff 

Top 5 Meals

1. Medium rare steak, Caesar salad, potatoes 

2. Bucket of popcorn 

3. Crispy chicken anything 

4. Eggs Benedict 

5. Lasagna 

Top 5 Parks

1. Innerspace, Seattle, WA (RIP)

2. Linda Vista, San Diego, CA

3. Prince Park, Oceanside, CA 

4. Cavalero skatepark, Lake Stevens, WA

5. Breckenridge clover pool, CO

Top 5 Bands

1. All the misc. stuff I listen to

2. A Tribe Called Quest 

3. Grateful Dead 

4. Agent Orange 

5. Charley Crockett 

My current obsession is: grooved trucks

If I could meet anyone, alive or dead, it would be: Duke Kahanamoku. I wonder what he would think of modern boarding. Definitely have him try snowboarding and have him try skating on a post 60s setup. 

If I could change one thing about the world it would be: the accessibility of medical care.

Whoever is reading this should try: to really consider what random components of life stoke them up, and incorporate them into life as much as they can. 

For my next trick I will: “like to return to the.. classics classics” 

I give my thanks to: My parents and family, Dahrion and Sebi, Rachel, Cynthia, Garza, Unknown, Pops, Innerspace, the first skater ever, and insulin.

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