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Happy New Year Brain!

I love this guy. He’s a creator, writing tv shows and movies, he’s done graphics for Pops, Fucko, and his own venture, Villins Inc. Definitely hoping for a reboot of the latter! He also does switch and nollie 360 flips, weird stuff he invents like the surprise flip, and someday he hopes to do a noseslide. Here’s a bunch of goods in celebration of his lap around the sun. Love you mango!

Driftwood Kickflip-Orcas Island
Texas Grind-Wu-Ramp
Switch 360 Flip-Home base
Frontside Boardslide-Above the Sammamish Cut
Brainline this buttery goodness.
This is my first Youtube video ever. Brain does a kickflip and I say, “Jesus.”

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  1. Happy belated to Brian! You’re the best Pops!

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