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A Lil’ Interview with Matt French

Matt French has been holding down in Whatcom County for ages. Generations, actually. His family has been year for years, breaking down barriers in science and art all throughout. Matt took up the family’s predilection for creation and turned his art hobby into a lifestyle. From Volcom to Deathwish, canvases to city blocks, his art can be found just about anywhere you care to look. Matt took the time to answer a few questions for us, take a look and then go make something!

Hey Matt! Thanks for taking the time on this. If there is anything specific you’d like us to feature or link to on the site, please let me know. Nothing too heavy here, just some fun stuff. Here’s the questions!
Awesome! Bring it!!

What came first, the skateboard or the art?
Definitely the art. I was drawing before I was even walking. But yeah, once I was skating, the art was about skating. So yeah, from about 14 on.

Who are some of your favorite skaters?
Oh man! Where would I even start? There are so many good skaters out there with their own style and creative bend. I like skating more than watching other people skate, but if I had to pick, here are a few: Ben Schroeder, Red, Josh Mattson, Andy Anderson, Pedro Barros, anybody with the last name Tershay. Anybody with the last name Fletcher. Anybody with the last name Hosoi.

Who were some of the artists you looked up to as you developed your own style? 
My earliest influence was my mom, and she is still an influence. Mad Magazine and comics, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Jim Phillips, VC Johnson, Rob’t Williams, Virgil Finlay, MC Escher, Dali, Duchamp, Rick Griffin, and a swarming horde of other great artistic talents 

You’ve always held it down in Whatcom County, as far as I know, while doing work for all sorts of skateboard companies. Did you ever consider moving to LA to be closer to the action? 
I did move to San Diego for a year, but art calls the shots and art brought me back to Whatcom county again. I love it here, and when I came back, I fell in love with this place all over again.

What are some of the projects you’ve created that you have most enjoyed? 
That’s another question that is so hard to nail down. I don’t know…I did a collab collection with Vans and Flip. I did a couple shoes with Nike. I designed a mitten for the WuTang Clan. I did a collection with Bones wheels for Fall 2021 and I really liked how it turned out. 

Any projects coming up you are excited about?
Yes I do. I’ve got a whole new collection coming out with Bones wheels in the fall, and it looks really good!

You’ve done a lot of work for a ton of different companies, anyone you’d like to work with in the future? 
I’d like to work with an auto company. I have a lot of ideas that they and I would stand to benefit so much from! Skateboarding has given me the unique ability to view the world through the lens of my choice, and the lens that I view the automotive world through has been very revealing.

What advice would you give a kid trying to break into the art world at a professional level? 
Never stop drawing. Ever.

One last question, what is the meaning of life? 
Treat everyone the way you’d like to be treated and you’ll do alright. 

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