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Austin wanted to go visit his cousin and he tricked us into going with him. I told him that’s how I was going to start this thing. I don’t think it’s actually true, but who knows, that guy is a wily one. At any rate, we ended up on the far side of the mountains looking to catch a shralp.

First we went to the skatepark. I didn’t take any pictures though, so there’s a picture of Austin, Jeff, and Ryan Dylan. There is a video at the bottom of this thing you can look at though, there’s some moves in there. 

After the park we went to this spot. It’s in the middle of a neighborhood with all kinds of cool stuff everywhere. I’m not sure what the deal is with Yakima, there’s nobody around. It’s like in the zombie movies where they show how empty a place is and then all of a sudden zombies pop up out of everywhere. It doesn’t make for much of a social scene, but it makes skateboarding really easy. Plus cars would honk and yell stuff out the window, which you don’t get too much around here anymore. 

This thing was right across the street from that ledge up there. I think it was a street anyway, might have been an alleyway, it was hard to tell. 

After that we went to Ave Skateshop. That place is rad. John owns the place and he’s great. They got all the stuff plus they sell wine, pretty smart move. You should go there. Also they have an amazing mini ramp with pool coping. Again, I didn’t take any pictures of people skating, but here’s one of Austin standing there. 

Then we went to this bank spot. The ground looked like the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, it was great. Faith and Marcus happened to be there, she was ripping. Jefferson did some impossible maneuvers, Ryan got a sick clip, Austin did a boneless. Then we left. 

On the way back I stopped to get some presents for my wife and kids so that they’ll keep letting me go on trips like this and we saw this magpie. It was great. Yakima is good, 10/10, get over there already.

Here’s an edit I made. Jefferson will make a better one at some point. All the super rad stuff is going into the video we’re working on. 

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