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Sucka Free: Pops in SF

Once upon a time, last July specifically, we went to San Francisco. It was the first proper team trip Pops had ever engaged in and so we figured we ought to go to the best place in the world. SF gets all sorts of bad press, but that’s because news stations have to sell advertisements and tales of despair and apocalypse are more effective in engaging potential consumers. But I digest.

Chris met us pretty much off the plane. He’s lived in the city for well over a decade now, and he’s the best dude anyone’s ever met, so we were stoked he’d be showing us around his village.


Chris had been butterizing this ledge that happened to be right next to our hotel, so we went here day 1. Chris did a nosegrind and popped out in the middle of the ledge. Charlie smashed into a wall and then did all sorts of other cool stuff while he bombed the hill. It was great.

Day 2 we hit up some of the tourist favorites. We went to EMB and Pier 7. I didn’t take any pictures though, I don’t know how to take an interesting picture of a manual. I guess a sequence would have worked but I didn’t do it. We went to China Banks too. That shit is nuts. Charlie and Jeff cruised over the benches which was cool. Here’s a shot that ought to be in Photograffiti at some point.

We also went to this street gap. Justin impossibled it going a million miles an hour. He actually got speed wobbles on the run up one time. It was awesome.

The next day was an all transition day. Charlie was screaming at me the night before at Molotov’s about no more fucking street spots, and I agreed. Mostly cause I just wanted to sit around for a day. Not that I was ripping or anything, I just wore brand new shoes like an idiot and my feet were 90% blister at that point. Austin did this crail transfer because he’s rad.

Charlie – Backtail
Daniel-Lien to Tail
Daniel-Lien to Tail
Jeff on the job

We went to Treasure Island and Charlie and Daniel killed it. They pretty much put on a demo for the rest of us. Charlie’s backtail and Daniel’s lien to tail on the big goddamn bank were mesmerizing. Then Daniel did a pivot on what was essentially an 8 foot tall extension.

That night we went to the Road Crew bowl. I don’t know if it’s actually called that, but it belongs to the guy who owns Road Crew Wheels, so it should be. His name is Adrian, rad human who knows all sorts of stuff about everything. Daniel rolled in first thing because he knows the rules.

Then he ripped it up for hours. The rest of us got some licks in too, but Daniel was killing it, with hot dog in hand some of the time.

It was rad, you should definitely buy some Road Crews next time you get a chance.

Last day we went to Waller and then Fort Miley. I love Fort Miley. I couldn’t skate for shit on this trip, but it was still fun. Everyone else killed it.

Justin-Switch Flip

The next morning we hit up Potrero. I wandered off to Pop’s, which is different then Pops what with the apostrophe and everything, and bought a sweater and a whiskey. Then we went home. Going on skate trips is good, you should try it. Here’s the video recap. Thanks to Jefferson for making it magical.

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